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Social change and sustainability

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In the run up to the D&AD White Pencil Symposium, Steven Johnson was asked to write a piece for Creative Review outlining the significance of social change and sustainability for the advertising and creative industries.

Part 1 of the article was published in Creative Review on 18 September, with the second available on the D&AD website. This post combines the full text from both parts.

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Kickstart for D&AD Grad Acad

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As another crop of graduates are set to become the creative community’s newest employees—Considered_ has been working with the cream of up-and-coming talent as part of D&AD’s annual Graduate Academy programme.

With ethical and sustainable design principles joining a marker pen and creativity as essential parts of a creative’s toolbox, we were asked to deliver our Social Design Kickstart course to jolt the Grads out of their creative comfort zones.

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Steven Johnson to present at LSC 2012

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Following the co-design collaboration we ran with Ontario Ministry of Health and Toronto-based Rain43, we were asked to present at the Leading Social Change 2012 conference at MARRS, downtown Toronto.

Leading Social Change is an annual conference that gathers behaviour change specialists from around the world to discuss and showcase emerging approaches to the Canadian change community.

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