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We help organisations drive positive impact through behaviour change, sustainability and purpose. Working with clients across sectors, we leverage the power of brand, business and creativity to make the world a better place.

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The Business Case

Our approach is driven by a hard-and-fast business case. Sustainability and purpose represent an opportunity to differentiate your organisation and your skills; to generate new modes of consumer value; to recruit and retain talent and to inspire more engaging, effective work.

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Recent updates

Can Technology Drive Behaviour Change?

On the 16th November 2013, I delivered a presentation at a Drinkaware conference designed to answer the question 'Can Technology Drive Behaviour Change?'. What follows is a transcription of the talk along with the images of the slides at appropriate points.

At various points throughout this talk I was rudely interrupted by an iPhone-style app notification. I used this device to underline my point that technology used for behaviour change must still be fundamentally insight-driven and human-centred and the behaviour change must be sustainable and empowering.

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Case study:
Cannes Lion for Social Farter

Hailed by CNN as what might be “the best public service announcement ever…”, and recognised with a Cannes Bronze Integrated Lion at the 60th annual Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the Social Farter project used behaviour change insight and planning to the engage hardest-to-reach of all smoker segments: social smokers.

In collaboration with Ontario Ministry of Health (MoH) and BBDO Toronto, we used audience co-creation to develop insight along with behaviour change strategy and planning to answer the question: how do you get someone to quit smoking, when they don't think they smoke!?

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Design Like You Give A Damn!

I recently spoke at a Dirty Rotten Socials event titled Design Like You Give a Damn!. Sponsored by Wolff Olins and run in partnership with the House of St Barnabas and Pioneers Post it featured the likes of Nat Hunter (RSA), Chris McGinley, (Helen Hamlyn Centre) and James Auger, (RCA).

The session split into 6 groups to focus on a specific social or environmental challenge, with a designated 'expert' facilitating each. The folks at Pioneers Post have put together this short film covering the concept and some of the content. 

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